Start chit, chit, chitting….

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Vegetable Garden

Now is the time to buy your potatoes if you wish to grow them this year and the truth is they are so simple to grow and taste fantastic!

Seed potatoes have just appeared in the garden centres and are now also available on-line. They are relatively cheap and you should buy them whilst they are still fresh and whilst there is a good choice of varieties available.

I plant first earlies at the end of March and second earlies usually a couple of weeks later (mid April). It is important to chit your seed potatoes first. I usually put mine in egg boxes in the porch. Chitting generally produces a bigger crop of spuds so don’t forget. Chit the potatoes rose end up (this is the end with the most eyes). Leave them until the shoots are an inch or so long and keep them in a light frost free place.

I find that many of the packs you buy have too many seed potatoes in them but don’t worry if you have too many give them to friends or neighbours and once chitted you can compost your egg boxes. 

If you are planting them in a large bag or container line the bottom with 6 inches (15cms) of compost and put the seed potatoes just below the surface. I use either garden compost or organic peat free compost. As the shoots grow just keep topping up with compost until your container/ bag is full.

That is all there is to it and they taste wonderful. 

Have fun and enjoy!