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We provide a full range of professional garden services.
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No matter what type or size of your hedge I will be able to help you and give you some useful advice.
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Most customers worry about the growth of their hedges particularly the popular, Leylandii, privet or laurel. We can help maintain them and advise on the best way to keep them at their best.

Even if your fed up and want to remove your old hedge or plant a great new wildlife one we are happy to help.

So don’t worry have a chat and we will see what solution works for you.

Garden Maintenance

Here at Green Man Garden we aim to help you with all your gardening needs. We have many regular satisfied customers.
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We will set up an annual contract where we can provide you with full garden maintenance but also provide you with our help and advice to get the best from your garden. Whether you just want to potter or get stuck in we can help.

Our RHS training should help you answer most questions but we are never to old to learn more. Why not give us a call and we can have a chat then come over to see if we can help.

Enjoy your garden this year with our help.


If you were to ask me what was one of the most common issues I am asked about? Then it would be about problems with lawns.
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We Brits love our lawns and we like them to look great. However we struggle to get the best from our beloved green patch. Problems from moss, to drainage and bare patches to fungus and weeds. It doesn’t seem to be straight forward.

Yet if we follow a few simple rules we can make our lawn look much healthier and greener.

If you would like me to help I can give your grass a regular cut and help you with any issues you may have. If you want the grass feeding or moss removing, scarifying or resolve some of your lawn problems then I am here to help.

We provide lawn maintenance packages to suit you. Give me a call and I will help or give my article a read for tips and advice.


Nurture the wildlife in your garden, and they’ll reward you with colours that only nature can provide. All those birds, bees and butterflies you used to see are still there.
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At Green Man Garden we aim to encourage and assist you garden with Wildlife in mind. It often only takes small changes for you to begin to see the difference.

I have a passion for wildlife gardening and I am here to help you make those changes and provide advice. If you need me don’t hesitate to make contact and together we can make your garden greener and healthier for us all.

From how to deal with slugs to creating Hedgehog Highways, we can advise how to ensure your garden and the nearby natural habitat can live in harmony.

Wait? what? A Hedgehog Highway? Yes, it’s a thing! It’s a natural way to ensure your garden doesn’t adversely affect the natural habitat of one of our gardens’ favourite visitors. Allow me to explain in this blog post.

If your issue is with slugs, then don’t dispair, we’ve got a slug-buster blog post for you too!


Whether its Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter we can make you the perfect tub or basket for your home or office.


Life can be lonely on your own. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. We can help with a bespoke, friendly and fun service.

Want some advice about your garden? Let's have a chat!