Heavenly Scent

by | Feb 1, 2020 | Blog

When you look at the pretty pastel coloured flowers of sweet peas you can’t help but smile. Then as you get closer you’re hit by their unmistakable scent reminding you it’s summer again.

Just a small bunch on the windowsill or mantelpiece fills a room with fragrance.

So if you fancy growing sweet peas don’t worry you can plant seeds outdoors any time in February or March.

I prefer to sow the heritage varieties and ‘Spencer’ mixes which smell amazing. If you’re going to grow sweet peas you need to be knocked over by their heavenly perfume and these varieties really deliver.

They can be grown in the ground or just as easily in large deep pots on the patio. 

Just make sure the soil has been dug over with plenty of compost or manure forked into it. Sweet peas are greedy feeders. 

If you create a wigwam of canes or pea sticks (hazel could be used), then they will happily grow up them reaching 6 feet or more.

Plant 4 seeds to each cane making sure the seeds are 2cms deep. Water well and mulch. Keep the plants well watered and fed all season especially in dry weather and they will flower for you all summer.

Just remember to keep picking those flowers.

You can buy smaller varieties too which are ideal for hanging baskets so no matter what size your garden you can grow wonderful sweet peas. If you can’t be bothered to grow them from seed then pick up plugs from garden centres.

I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.